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      “Anthony's Way” was Founded after the Overdose death of my son Anthony DeMaria-Jones on March 30,2014.

Anthony's Way is a non-profit, that helps anyone suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, and related conditions to achieve a better quality of life and become accountable individuals. Anthony’s Way supports any one suffering with the disease of addiction and their families begin their journey to recovery. We have helped many people move past addiction and get back to living productive lives.

We help each individual take the first step whether it be detox ,rehab or sober living homes , we guide and navigate each person , through each aspect of recovery, as we know this is a lifetime journey where sobriety is possible an attainable.

Anthony's Way does outreach. And community awareness throughout the state of Maryland.

Anthony died as result a heroin overdose on March 30th 2014. Anthony suffered many years of heroin addiction as a result of a motor cycle accident that left him with a broken femur and ultimately led him to become addicted to pain medication.

Anthony was best known for his great smile, his humor his practical jokes, and huge heart. Anthony’s excelled at anything he put his mind to. One of Anthony's proudest moment was when he became a father.

Anthony’s son, Dominic at 6 can barely remember his Daddy. At such a young age addiction has already taken so much from him.

Dominic visits his Daddy at the cemetery, it’s the reality of what drug addiction has done to our family.

As a mother the pain is unbearable, we are not supposed to bury our children.

And yet we are losing 129 people a day from the disease of addiction.

I am asking for your support so that no family has to go through the pain of losing a child to addiction.

With education, community awareness, and outreach programs like Anthony's Way we can make a difference.


Where there is Life there is hope.....

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